Does IKELOS provide full scientific image generation?

IKELOS will provide all protocols for preparation, fixation, sectioning, imaging of your provided object and will gurantee high-resolution image generation for practically any sample.

Can images be bought? Stock photography request.

Our stock photos can be purchased as rights-managed only. Please inquire for any seeked usage. The images will directly be made available to you by an activated link.

Can I obtain art prints?

Art prints can be obtained under special conditions only. IKELOS does mostly provide entire image design concepts for facilities/buildings in a concerted effort with architects. Nontheless, do not hesitate to contact us for further information concerning single prints.

You did not find what you were looking for?

No problem. We have a stock of thousands of images of the microworld and would love to show and suggest you some. If we haven`t got it, we are looking for new challenges of stunning new samples. Just write a quick inquire and we will get back to you.

What are the costs?

Well yes, that`s a good question. Imaging of dried goodies for light microscopy are relatively cheap. A full image generation of biological samples, which have to be specially prepared for scanning electron microscopy are quite expensive. Nontheless, we are doing it for the challenge and love of the microworld, not for money. Please ask for any idea you would like to turn into reality - asking is always for free.